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JXD 510G drone with 5.8G FPV

Singdatoys 2016-07-27 17:05:59
JXD 510 series (JD510V, JD510W and JD510G)

JXD recently announced, after the popular 509G drone, the upgraded JD510G X-Predators. Like its predecessor, the JXD JD510G has the same cool Yuneec Typhoon alike design.

As it has become the norm lately, the “G” letter on the name of the drone means that this model features 5.8G real-time image transmission. The camera’s real time video feed can be displayed on the included FPV display.

Being powered by a 600 mAh Li-Po battery, the advertised flight autonomy of this JD510G drone is about 6 – 8 minutes.

Along the  510G, JXD released another two models. The main difference between them being the onboard camera and the FPV system:

510G with 5.8G FPV camera;
510W with WiFi FPV camera;
510V with 2MP camera but without FPV.

Certainly the biggest advantage of this new series is the altitude hold feature. Thanks to the integrated barometric air-pressure sensor the drone is capable to maintain its flight altitude stable at the desired height.

JXD JD510G features and specs
Altitude hold;
Headless flight mode;
Adjustable flight speed rate;
One key return to home;
One key take off and land;
6 axis gyro-control system;
Seiko magnetic motors;
App control (only on the JD510W!!!!);
5.8G real-time image transmission;
About 50-100 meters control range;
Up to 6 minutes flight time.
Included with the JXD JD510G

2.4G transmitter with screen holder;
5.8G FPV monitor;
FPV monitor charger;
Flight battery charger;
1 set propeller protectors;
1 set of spare blades;
4GB memory card;
USB card reader;
JX 510G user manual.