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QA/QC Introduction

Our company takes seriously to the product quality, divides three stages to the quality control and the improvement to carry on. 
The first stage: Material supplier's choice and evaluation: 
1, seeks for the supplier responsibly by the purchase department, through preliminary screening, determined has the intelligence and the cooperation intention supplier, then from the purchase department association same quality department, carries in-the-spot investigation the production department to the supplier scene and appraises, through to its hard software facility, the quality control system operational aspect, the personnel disposes, the productivity, the product quality, the product delivery date, the service and so on to carry on the overall assessment, appraises qualified authorizes by general manager to list as the qualified supplier. 
2, by the quality department formulation qualified supplier name list, the purchase department implementation material purchase must choose the supplier from the qualified supplier name list. 
3, every year carries on previous year the achievement appraisal at the beginning of the year to the qualified supplier, the appraisal content including the goods supply product quality condition, the delivery date, the degree of adaptability, the service and so on, the appraisal result divides A, B, C, D, evaluates A, the B level supplier to be possible to continue to retain the qualified supplier qualifications, evaluates the C level the supplier by reduces its order form quantity by the purchase department, evaluates the D level to deprive its qualified supplier qualifications directly. 
The second stage: Product quality control 
1, expects the examination: Unifies this company material situation formulation according to the GB 2828 sampling standards to be reasonable, the science sampling inspection plan, with the aid of tools and so on micrometer, Vernier caliper, carries on the sample survey by QC to each batch of materials, does according to the sampling result permits to receive, the concessions receive, to refuse to accept processing. 
2, system Cheng Jianyan: Every day carries on the examination by the workshop manager to the first product and confirmed after the quality manager that places on the production line to take the standard guage, in the production process QC every two hours inspects one time to the production line. 
3, test of products: Every day produces the end product requests by QC according to the sampling scheme to carry on the spot-check, makes the qualified warehousing, the choice, doing over processing according to the spot-check result, the test of products taking advantage of boosts the tensiometer, the torque dynamometer, the small components test tube, the test round bar, the amp and so on specific tool. 
4, produces goods the examination: Before the product produces goods, acts according to this batch by QC to produce goods product quantity to request according to the sampling scheme to carry on the spot-check, the spot-check result does produces goods qualified, the choice, doing over processing.