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Cheerson CX-10D Unboxing & Photos: World’s smallest altitude hold drone!

  • Author:Singdatoys
  • Release on:2016-06-13
Cheerson surprised the entry-level drone market with the Cheerson CX-10 sometime around 2 years back. The brand then took the hobby market to astonishment with the CX-20; and are back at it again with the all new CX-10D altitude hold mode drone.

What’s special about the CX-10D? Well, for one, it features the same chassis and design as the CX-10. However, there’s one major addition to it now — that of a barometer, which allows the drone to fly at (roughly) a constant altitude.

It can make the learning curve extremely gradual for beginners. On the other hand, intermediate and experienced pilots like myself can get a kick out of flying a nano quadcopter drone with just one hand!

Cheerson CX-10D: Pictures
1. So much colour…

2. It’s tiny!

3. On top of a 5.5-inch phone

4. On top of a 5.5-inch phone (2)

5. On top of a 5.5-inch phone – Top view

6. Ready to fly!

7. The transmitter’s got colour too!

8. The glare… of the joysticks!

9. Three… Two… One… TAKE OFF!