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GTENG T905F FPV quadcopter with altitude hold

  • Author:Singdatoys
  • Release on:2016-09-02
The GTENG T905F is a new drone from Gteng featuring 5.8Ghz FPV, altitude hold, flip mode, one key return and headless mode. This isn’t the first quadcopter they’ve designed and it is looking pretty nice.
 I would say this is more of a medium sized quadcopter and it seems like they’re continue the trend of having unique designs as all of the Gteng quadcopters have had.

They also mention having a waterproof shell/motors which to me says they used something like liquid electric tape to keep moisture off any electronics. I still probably wouldn’t be dunking it into a pond but it does provide some water resistance.

On the bottom of the quadcopter you have a battery compartment with removable battery and a slot for the microSD card.

Video is recorded at 720p and is assumed to be saved to a microSD card in the quadcopter itself since previous models from Gteng have used this same transmitter/fpv receiver combo and they saved video to the quadcopter instead of at the transmitter.

This is going to give you superior quality video since you don’t have signal quality coming into play with the video.

Camera is mounted to the front of the quadcopter and doesn’t appear to be adjustable, if this is the case this could be a downside since the camera appears to be facing forward and if you’re flying at relatively high altitudes you may want to look more at the ground.

The transmitter is quite nice and has a crisp/clean display which works great in sunlight. It has a nice button layout and features it’s own 500mAh LiPo battery which you can take out and charge eliminating the need for disposable batteries.

Altitude hold is a big help for these quadcopters that have FPV cameras since you can forget about having to adjust throttle while filming. It is a useful feature for any quadcopter but more so overall on “toy grade” quadcopter that record/stream video.

The GTENG T905F definitely an interesting looking quadcopter and while I don’t think it should be considered a “racing” FPV quadcopter it is definitely a nice looking FPV quadcopter.