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2016 Sky HawkEye 1331W and 1331S drones

  • Auteur:Singdatoys
  • Relâchez le:2016-07-29
Sky HawkEye 1331W and 1331S with altitude hold and headless mode

After their interesting HM1315 drone, Sky HawkEye manufacturer comes with two new models, the 1331W and 1331S. As the design of these two models is apparently the same, the difference looks to be around the adopted real-time image transmission system.

The HawkEye 1331W is equipped with a Wi-Fi FPV camera, which means that you will need a smartphone to display the camera’s live video feed.

Featuring a complete 5.8GHz real-time image transmission, the HawkEye 1331S is  more expensive than the WiFi version. The 1331S drone’s transmitter has an integrated 5.8G FPV display with built-in sunshade which allows more comfortable usage during sunny days. The HawkEye 1331S package is much richer, it also includes a 4GB micro SD card and a USB card reader.

Both models come with headless mode, alt hold and one key return to home. The built-in barometric pressure sensor allows the aircraft to maintain stable the flight altitude.

According to the specs, the drone’s 700mAh Li-Po battery allows about 7-8 minutes flight autonomy.

Sky HawkEye 1331W and 1331S highlights
Headless flight mode;
Altitude hold;
One key return to home;
5.8Ghz real-time image transmission (1331S);
WiFi real-time image transmission (1331W);
Onboard camera for aerial filming;
Bright LED lights;
About 100-300 meters control range;
Up to 8 minutes flight time.